Price: $800

Seller: kaitlyn Schooler
State: Arkansas
City: Springfield
Zip code: 45503
Type: Animals

hi, my name is kaitlyn. i am currently moving in with a family member and unfortunantly i cannot take my pets with me. i am looking for a new home as soom as possible for my 1 year old puppy (turns a year old in november.) Her name is Cheyenne, shes a full blooded female short haired pointer. very love able. shes really hyper active and requires alot of training, i got her when she was 9 months and havent had much time alone with her to train her. she is currently an outside dog, but she loves to be inside curled up on your lap. loves walks. and her favorite toy is an empty 20 oz pop bottle. she doesnt ask for much to stay entertained. but watch out for birds. its in her bloodline to be a tracker they are mainly used by hunters to track down birds and rodents, she has had some training in that. she tracks and points out our household chihuahua all the time and gets along great with him. i wouldnt suggest her to a family with small children because she is hyper and can sometimes jump and knock them over, shes knocked me down quiet a few times. OH! she is AKC registered.. i would like to get a little bit of money out of her if possible i got told i could get $800 from her. but without her being a year old and not being well trained i doubt anyone would want her. so she goes to the best offer/ or a good home. i just wanna know shell be taken care of. so if you think you may be interested or would like pictures please text 044 and ask, your time is greatly appreciated. thank you.